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Jenéne Francis is an aspiring contemplative in action who finds writing creative non-fiction and short fiction a fruitful spiritual practice. She also enjoys adapting and offering the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius for days of reflection and retreats. In her professional life, Jenéne serves as the Provincial’s Associate Pastoral Assistant for the Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus supporting retreat houses, spirituality programs, parishes, hospital chaplains, and other Jesuits engaged in pastoral work. Having spent 17 years at the Procter and Gamble Company, followed by 20 years in ministry, Jenéne gets great satisfaction by offering her engineer’s head and poet’s heart for “the greater glory of God.”

Advent: A Reflection on Psalm 126

I am attracted to the psalms. Maybe this is because one way God called me to deepen my life of faith was through music. I recall a preaching course during graduate studies when the instructor was surprised (in a good way) that I chose the psalm as the focal point...