Posts By Stephanie Clouatre Davis
Stephanie Clouatre Davis graduated from Loyola University New Orleans. Stephanie speaks to adults and teens around the nation at parishes, high schools, and dioceses in various venues including retreats and conferences. With humor, joy, and stories, Stephanie not only fully engages her audiences but also inspires them to challenge themselves and build a stronger relationship with God. She lives in Covington, Louisiana with her husband Michael and two girls Emma and Abby.

Counsel the Doubtful

Not to long ago, one of my children filled our home with questions about homosexuality and the church. She is 13, and I guess one might say that it is the very state of childhood and adolescence to question. Recently, with the rise of violence in our home town, she...

Faith in Action, Love & Mercy

Bury the Dead

I remember the crushing absence felt by myself and my family the days, months, and years that followed my father’s death. I remember the nonsensical loss of students that I taught. I remember step by step as we prepared the ground and our hearts for the grief that...


Shelter WITH the Homeless

This week, I want to introduce you to a new contributor to our "Mercy Matters" series, Stephanie Clouatre Davis.  I first met Stephanie when I was a freshmen in college, and she was in graduate school.  She opened my eyes to a lay woman being a leader in Catholic...