A Balm to Our Restlessness: Our Inner Chapel

Throughout this series on restlessness, we’ve looked at what restlessness is, how it manifests, and what causes it.  Today, let’s turn to how we can calm our restlessness.  

Acknowledge it:

A starting place for calming our restlessness is to simply name that it exists in the first place.  The longer weignore restlessness within us, the larger and louder it tends to grow.  We need to acknowledge that is there so we can get about tending to it.  

Sometimes I feel like I am looking my restlessness in the eyeball saying, “I see you.  Now what in the heck are you saying to me?”

The Most Powerful Tool We Have is Always with Us:

Once we acknowledge the restlessness within us, we can bring this to our inner chapel, the sacred space within us where God resides.  Our inner chapels go where we go, which means God is always available to us and always with us.  

Within this inner chapel, we can dialogue with God about the restlessness we notice.  It is not for us alone todiscern why restlessness exists in our lives, but we are invited into a conversation to with God to not only ask our questions, but listen to God’s answers.  This is truly the gift of the restlessness we feel, it is God’s desire for us and awakening a deeper relationship with God.

As we acknowledge our restlessness and bring it before God, we might ask:

  • What is going on here, God?
  • Why do I feel restless?  
  • Are you inviting me into a relationship with You?
  • Am I being invited to a deeper relationship?
  • Is there an action I did or something I said that you have my attention about?
  • Are you inviting me, God, to say “yes” to something?  

Remember, as we discussed in week two of our restlessness series, it is in God alone that our soul is at rest.  One way of resting in God and also calming our own restlessness is to go meet God often in our inner chapel.

Go Deeper?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017:  Loyola Institute for Ministry Webinar

I am excited to be offering a webinar through the Loyola Institute for Ministry called Advent: Anticipating Encounter, Awaiting Accompaniment”!  I graduated from the LIM program in 2008, and I credit this program for helping me deepen my understanding of Ignatian spirituality and ministry.  This webinar reflects on key themes in Pope Francis’s teaching through the lens of Advent.  Join me at 8PM CST on November 29, 2017!

Advent Evening of Reflection for Women:  

December 11, 2017, 7:00pm-8:30pm

Making Room for God’s Greatest Gift

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