Busy Lives & Restless Souls

Busy Lives & Restless Souls

A fresh Ignatian perspective on how to satisfy our restlessness within
by making space for prayer.

For all who sense that there is a missing peace in their lives, Busy Lives & Restless Souls will help them find it—right where they are.

If you’ve already figured out your life and feel totally complete, then this book may not be for you. But if you are like the rest of us, every day presents a mountain of to-do items, jobs to go to, errands to run, projects to complete, meals to cook, children to raise… You forge ahead and get it done, but you know that things aren’t as they should be. Even when you check every item off your daily list, you still feel as though something meaningful and essential is missing from the very center of your life.

Spiritual director and writer Becky Eldredge has felt that same longing, and she knows what people are missing–a relationship with God through prayer. In Busy Lives & Restless Souls, Eldredge interprets principles of Ignatian spirituality in a fresh way to equip us with prayer tools that are accessible and practical within the relentless realities of our daily routines. Just as important, she shows us how we can bring our relationship with God to life by becoming what St. Ignatius called “contemplatives in action.” For all who sense that there is a missing peace in their lives, Busy Lives & Restless Souls will help them find it-right where they are.

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Press for Busy Lives & Restless Souls

Becky appeared on the June 30th edition of Catholic TV’s This is the Day program, appearing live with Bishop Robert Reed and Jay Fadden!

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From Catholicmom.com – Book Notes:

“I picked up this book because I knew nothing about Ignatian spirituality and I welcomed the chance to learn something new. As a pragmatic person, I found comfort in the practical advice that I learned is a hallmark of the Ignatian way of life and which is so clearly explained by author Becky Eldredge.”

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From San Francisco Book Review – Busy Lives and Restless Souls Review

“This book is written in a conversational and very accessible way, like having a talk with a good friend. If you’ve been yearning for a stronger relationship with God, this book might be a great first step to help you transform your way of thinking to find the peace of God everywhere and anywhere.”

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From Brian Harper – National Catholic Reporter – Never too busy to make time for God:

“Anyone who has gone through spiritual direction or attended a religious retreat will quickly feel at home reading Busy Lives & Restless Souls. This is fitting; the book’s author, Becky Eldredge, has spent more than 15 years in Catholic ministry, working as a retreat facilitator and spiritual director.

Busy Lives is her first book, and its purpose is straightforward: a warm, inviting promotion for the power that prayer can have in any life, regardless of how much — or little — time an individual might have.”

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From Christianity Today – Acknowledge Your Restlessness – A Week of Devotions by Becky Eldredge

We long for intimacy with God, yet our lives are often dominated by busyness and distractions. How can we move from a hectic pace to a holy encounter with the almighty God? In this week’s devotions, Busy Lives & Restless Souls author Becky Eldredge invites us to consider several unique avenues of prayer drawn from church history and the spiritual teachings of 16th-century Christian Ignatius of Loyola. God is near to you in every moment—even the hectic ones! Try these prayer ideas and awaken to God’s faithful presence in your life.

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From the Spring 2017 edition of Midwest Jesuits: “Making Room for God

“It was in this boisterous space, with a new baby in my arms, that I made the 19th Annotation of St. Ignatius’s Spiritual Exercises almost eight years ago.

It still boggles my mind that my spiritual director didn’t flinch when I asked him to walk me through the Exercises. Perhaps he heard my longing to grow deeper in my relationship with God. Most likely, he noticed the growing restlessness within me during a long season of transition to motherhood, adjusting to my husband being in graduate school, and settling our family 600 miles from our hometown.”

To read the full article, click here and go to page 13.

From Busted Halo – Meeting God Through Ignatian Spirituality

“I am a daughter of Ignatius. At times, I joke that I am a “Jesuitte” because I live and breathe the very spirituality that guides the Jesuits, an all-male religious order that St. Ignatius founded more than 500 years ago. Ignatius’ legacy, spirituality, and tools for discernment permeate my life, my marriage, and my motherhood. They form the basis of my ministry as a retreat facilitator, spiritual director, and writer.”

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From the Patheos Book Club:

  • “Eldredge’s book makes the case that Ignatian Spirituality can be just as transformative for those of us who must live in the real, workaday world. She believes that St. Ignatius wanted us all to become “contemplatives in action,” by discerning and then using our own unique gifts for the good of the world.”
  • “Becky Eldredge provides practices that busy people can integrate with their everyday lives. Spiritual practices are not esoteric, but can be part of every person’s life – times of stillness, examination or reflection on your day, imaginative encounter with scripture, or simple momentary pauses to access our relationship with God. In many ways, Eldredge embodies the wisdom of a spiritual teacher, “Pray as you can, not as you can’t.”
  • “I recently read a great little book that offers some ways on how to do this. It’s called Busy Lives & Restless Souls. It offers The Ignation spirituality in a quick and easy format. In it there is a treasure trove of wisdom. It gleans the very best from the Jesuit reserves and offers it in a way that is easy for busy folks to not only read but to live.  Written by a spiritual director who is also a mother, wife and all around busy person herself the book seeks to help readers understand and explore opportunities for prayer in their lives they may never have experienced before. She rightly sees Jesus himself as a busy person, and points to ways that we can follow him in our own contexts.”

From The Advocate (Baton Rouge) – The AdvocateBecky Eldredge ‘found God in the silence’

A few months before she graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy in the late 1990s, Becky Uffman Eldredge had a spiritual wake-up call.  At the Academy’s retreat for seniors, she “found God in the silence.”  It was reinforced that summer when, through the Diocese of Baton Rouge, she attended a Catholic Leadership Institute at Notre Dame.  Now, what to do with this discovery?  Eldredge recalls that, as a junior in high school, “she put the pen to the paper and has not stopped writing since.”

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From Caryn Rivadeneira – Aleteia for Her – Simple Ways to Find Time for Prayer when You’re Busy

“We’ve been asking spiritual directors for their wisdom on what practices we might “take on” (rather than simply things we might give up) during this Lenten season. It’s easy to start playing the Busy Parent Card…Becky Eldredge, a mom of three, spiritual director, and the author of the brand-new Busy Lives & Restless Souls understands all too well what we’re up against but still says there are practices that work right into our schedules—even the “toughies” like silence and dedicated time for prayer.”

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From Katie Warner – National Catholic Register – Journey Through Lent with St. Ignatius

“Long before I realized it, I was immersed in Ignatian spirituality, but it wasn’t until my 20s when I realized this spirituality had a name to it,” said Becky Eldredge, Ignatian spiritual director, author and writer. “What drew me to it, and what still draws me to it, is its practicality in daily life. Ignatian spirituality teaches me how to live as a contemplative in action, grounded in daily prayer [while] living my life in the real world.”

Eldredge, a wife, mother of three and retreat facilitator, regularly notices how Ignatian prayer bears fruit in her family life and at work, which is why it is such an important part of her life, in Lent and beyond.

To read the full article, click HERE.

From Andy Otto – God in All Things – Busy and Restlesshttps://godinallthings.com/2017/02/16/busy-and-restless/

“Busy and restless easily describes a typical week for me. As a new father of an infant and a full time high school teacher, I’m quite aware of the decline in my prayer life. The days of hour-long prayer periods carved out in the Jesuit novitiate schedule are long gone. The free evenings of bachelor life are past. And the moments my wife and I can go into separate rooms for our own prayer are hard to come by with a new baby. This is why I needed to read Becky Eldredge’s new book, Busy Lives & Restless Souls (to be released in March through Loyola Press)Becky is a friend and Ignatian spiritual director. She’s far ahead of me in the parenting journey with three children, which is why I value the experiences and stories she shares in her writing. Becky has struggled with the busyness and restless feeling life brings us all—whether or not we are parents. If there’s something that’s given me the spark to reinvigorate my prayer life—to be a “busy” pray-er—it’s Becky’s book.”

To read the full review, click HERE.

 Early Praise for Busy Lives & Restless Souls

“Every once in a while a book comes along that feels like was written just for me. Busy Lives and Restless Souls is one of them. I am deeply appreciative of the way Becky brings the soulful and prayerful together with the practical and everyday. This is what I have struggled with for so long – how to stay connected to God and Spirit when I’m staring at a pile of dirty laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a dog that is begging for a walk. I love her honesty, her stories, and her gentle, positive encouragement. I hadn’t even finished the book when I began a new daily prayer practice. Much gratitude to Becky Eldredge for heeding the call and writing this book. It has changed my life.”

Christine Mason Miller – author of Moving Water: A Memoir

“Becky’s book gave me permission to forgive myself for my unbelief and encouraged me to begin my relationship with God anew. Busy Lives and Restless Souls also provided me with practical tools to use during my carved out prayer time.”

Missy DeVillier – Occupational Therapist and Lay Minister

“Becky Eldredge’s Busy Lives and Restless Souls reads as a purposeful memoire, birthed from her own encounters of God through prayer and rooted in her life experiences.  As a daughter, wife, mother, and professional, she speaks with such authenticity and honesty, exploring areas of sinfulness, self-doubt, and that familiar feeling of restlessness.  Perhaps you have faith, maybe attend church, and even pray sometimes, but you experience a longing for something more.  This book will help you name the graces there and challenge you to delve deeper into your faith journey, offering timeless prayer tools that can be revisited over and over as we deepen our relationship with God.  After the initial reading, the book will likely become a useful and familiar companion to which you will refer over and over.”

Marcie Buckle – Educator and Lay Minister

Busy Lives and Restless Souls is a beautiful, soulful invitation to risk breaking through the many concerns that (often rightly) fill our lives and seek a renewed foundation for all of it.  Eldredge’s writing is fresh, endearing, authentic, and full of stories and tools for our own journey of moving from being people “who pray” to people “of prayer.”  I’m grateful for this book and the at once gentle and radical encouragement it offers, because as the author reminds us, the time to engage in the life rooted in the mysterious adventure with God is now.

Keara Ette – Director of Ministries at Old St. Patrick’s Church (Chicago)

“Becky convincingly states that God speaks to us through our restlessness, and invites us to find clarity in our daily duties by appreciating the “holy pause” of our work, relationships and every day encounters. As I read the book I felt like I was at Manresa Retreat House (Convent, LA), making my annual retreat!”

Charles Jumonville – Theology Instructor, Catholic High School (Baton Rouge, LA)

Busy Lives and Restless Souls is a breath of fresh air in the over-crowded market of books that promise a program to revive the spirit. It isn’t a promise of anything other than the knowledge that God loves us. Simple, yet necessary.  Becky calls us out of our limitations of God and invites us to see Him as he is.  The book over and over again reminds us that we are loved despite ourselves.  It gave me permission to be human and get lost in the focus of our desires knowing that He still works with us.”

Gaven DeVillier – Theology Student, University of Notre Dame

“Like no other book I’ve read before, Busy Lives and Restless Souls made me say “I want what she has,” namely a deeper relationship with God.  It is easy to connect with Becky’s honesty about her struggles with prayer.  At the same time, though, she makes it seem possible to have a closer relationship with God now, in the midst of the messiness of life, rather than in some mythical “perfect time” in the future.  The list of people who I am buying this book for keeps growing!”

Lauren Gaffey – Charis Ministries Program Coordinator at USA Northeast and Maryland Provinces of the Society of Jesus

“This book is a gift for those who have tried to commit to prayer but because of life’s circumstances have found themselves unable…. Becky offers the some of the most practical advice for finding the time to pray, the place to pray, and the way to pray that is conducive for the lay vocation!”

Fr. Josh Johnson – Priest, Diocese of Baton Rouge (LA)

“The thing I love most about Becky’s book is that it’s real talk for real people, written by someone who lives it. Becky is in the trenches with the rest of us, yet she offers us hope and real ways to pray and find God in the midst of it. She helps us believe nothing is too mundane for God. All of it matters. This book helps us better live that truth.”

Christianne Squires – Spiritual Director, and Founder of Bookwifery, Inc.

From a gifted and relatable spiritual director who is wise beyond her years comes a gem of a soulful how-to book.  Becky Eldredge hits the mark for not only busy people (especially younger people in the throes of raising their children) but even for seasoned religious types who might find prayer dry and barren from time to time.  Eldredge’s candor and real-life experience makes the very accessible book one you can return to again and again when the doldrums of desolation set in, or if you just need a quick spiritual shot in the arm.  Filled with her own Louisiana charm, the author has captured a spirituality for busy people to help them begin to simply spend time with God in relationship and then to watch a new experience unfold that just might change everything.

Mike Hayes – Director of Campus Ministry, Canisius College (Buffalo)

“Writing for busy women by a busy woman, Becky Eldredge cracks a window into our otherwise overstimulated lives and restless souls allowing winds of practical Ignatian spirituality to breathe into our modern, lived society. This book speaks not just to women (with children) but all modern people who are looking to ground themselves in prayer while living a fully engaged life.”

Stephanie Clouatre Davis, OPA, National Catholic Speaker & Program Director, Rosaryville Retreat Center

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