Cause of Restlessness #1: God’s Pursuit

Last week, we looked at how restlessness is God’s wake-up call for us.  This week, let’s look at one of the possible causes of our restlessness–God’s  pursuit of a relationship with us.  

God’s Pursuit of Us:  

The gnawing sensation we feel within us might be God getting our attention about spending time with God.  This type of restlessness might show up when:

  • We are starting our relationship with God for the first time.  
  • We are re-beginning a relationship with God after being away from it for awhile
  • We are being drawn into a deeper level of relationship with God

I most often hear the cause of this type of restlessness named as “something feels missing from my life” or “I am looking for more”.  I literally grin when I hear people name this type of restlessness because I am profoundly witnessing God’s pursuit of them.  I even chuckle sometimes and say, “That’s God coming after you!”  

It’s like the parable of the lost sheep.  The one lost sheep matters to God.  When we are lost or away from God, God pursues us and rejoices when we are found.

The something missing in our lives is often not a “what” but a who.  The search for the more is not a new task list item or an added responsibility but a relationship with God.  The Holy Spirit moves within us and raises desires in our heart to fulfill the longings within us for a relationship that feels all things, that offers unconditional love, and that provides meaning to our lives.  

What do we do?  

When we feel this type of restlessness, we can check our spiritual pulse and ask:

  • Do I have a relationship with God? Is God inviting me into a relationship?  
  • How is my relationship with God? Is God inviting me to come home?  
  • How might God inviting me to grow deeper in our relationship?

This week, pause and check in on any restlessness you might feel.  Is the cause of your restlessness God’s pursuit of you?  

Next week, we’ll look at another possible cause of our restlessness.  

Go  Deeper?

Cultivating Space for God Together

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  1. marilyn scerri October 30, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    this is great its what i need i feel there is something missing in my relationship with God Your imaginative prayers have helped me a lot and are still helping me I found a treasure since i have your website God bless you I necver knew ignatian spituallity is what i was looking for to help me on when i feel so low thank u

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