Celebrating Moments of Clarity: The Small, Steady Voice

November 18, 2019

In our previous “Called and Listening” series, we talked about how to hear God’s voice and some tools to help you do that. But what about those moments when God’s voice becomes so obvious. We’re talking about those small, but life-changing moments when your eyes are opened, the paths are made clear, and you know that God is with you. Leading up to Advent, we’re treasuring those moments in our series called, “Celebrating Moments of Clarity.” Today we hear from Charlotte Phillips about the consolation of when an answer is clearly and simple from God.

By nature, I’m a planner. I like to know what’s going to happen in advance, have time to think about whatever the event or activity is, and then make a plan. I have started to make mental Christmas lists, I write down what clothes I will pack for everyone when we go on vacation, and I’ve already got summer camp thoughts tucked away in the back of my head. While being a mom of four young children has made my “type A” personality a little more lax, when it comes to bigger decisions I like to make my lists and check them twice (or let’s be honest, three or four times) to make sure I’m making the best decisions.  

Over the summer Becky messaged me that she was looking to hire an assistant and asked if I may be interested or knew of anyone who may be interested in the job. Immediately in my head I said, “I’m going to start working for Becky.” And just as quickly my interior dialogue responded, “Wait, what?!”  

To start, she did not offer me a job; she had only asked if I were interested. Secondly, I had no idea what the job involved. And if that wasn’t reason enough to wonder why such a thought had entered my head, just a few months before I had accepted a part time youth ministry position that had me going back to work for the first time in six years while still having kids at home to work around! But none of that mattered; any time I thought about that brief out-of-the-blue message from Becky, I could not help but think I was going to work for her.   

A couple weeks later Becky and I talked on the phone and she offered me the job. While in retrospect should have verbalized my internal “yes!” then, the planner in me had a hard time saying yes to such a big decision on the spotHow was I going to work a second job? Since I had taken the youth ministry position my husband and I decided to enroll our youngest child in a Mom’s Day Out program in the Fall; but adding a second job would have me working more hours than this part time childcare provided. How was I going to balance working two jobs while still helping with homework, bringing my kids to their respective extracurricular activities, and keeping up with the day to day things around the house? 

After Becky offered me the position I went to God in prayer. “Godwhat am I supposed to do?” Then I laughed, He told me the answer the moment I read that first message from Becky. All along I knew this job was mine. How did I know this was God’s voice, God’s plan, and not my own? While I had these questions running though my head, I was never really worried about them, I just knew deep down in my core that I would figure it out. These questions could have easily brought swings of consolation and desolation, but I was only filled with calmness and peace any time I thought about calling Becky to tell her yes 

There are many things to consider when we are in the discernment process, but it is so important to remember to quiet our minds and our hearts to hear God’s voice. This voice is different for everyone. Sometimes I hear God with a feeling of warmth that consumes my whole body, like I’m being hugged from the inside out. Other times like in this instance, I hear God by feeling complete calmness and peace about whatever I’m asking Him in prayer. When I called Becky to tell her yes, I felt such joy! After I hung up the phone, I said, “thank you, God!” While I knew I would have to learn how to balance my new role, I also knew I would figure it out since my yes to Becky was also a yes to God. 


Have you ever had a moment of clarity like Charlotte experienced?  How did God affirm your choice?  Charlotte shared she knew path was right by joy, peace and clarity.  How do you experience Gods voice in your life?
Go Deeper?  

Inviting you Deeper as We Walk with Christ: 


With experience in youth ministry, campus ministry, faith formation, and as a high school theology teacher, Charlotte has worked in numerous parishes and schools along the Gulf Coast and in the Diocese of Rockford. She holds a B.A. in Theology and Master of Pastoral Studies from Spring Hill College. Charlotte and her husband live in New Orleans with their four young children, where she enjoys Ignatian Spirituality, reading, listening to live music, and bike riding with her family.

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