Going Deeper. Together.

This summer, we revamped the blog, inviting a team of women to write and share their voices, calling us all into the deep waters with Christ. Our Into the Deep blog has an amazing team of regular contributors, all women, and all trained in Ignatian spirituality and Ignatian ministry. We will remain committed to providing reflections and resources for you to go deeper in your walk with Christ through the lens of Ignatian spirituality.  While we are an all-women writing team, our blog is not only for women, but for all seeking to dive into the deep.  We will explore prayer, discernment, faith in action, Jesus, love, mercy, and hope. Dive deep with us!

This group began as the launch team for my book, The Inner Chapel. As the launch came to an end, our group evolved from the original book launch team to The Inner Chapel Community.

The Inner Chapel community is a group of people seeking to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ using the gifts of Ignatian spirituality. We gather, through the Facebook group and through virtual prayer meetups, to support each other in prayer as we seek to live as contemplatives in action. All are welcome to join!

We are busy South Louisiana women just like you. Walk with us to the deep waters of peace.

Just like the imperfect Samaritan woman who encountered Jesus at the well,we long to drink deeply from the Well of Living Water, become transformed, and go forth to invite other women to the Well, who is Jesus!