Discussion Guide for Busy Lives & Restless Souls

Busy Lives & Restless Souls!

Dear friends,

Today, I am excited to release a free Group Discussion Guide for my book Busy Lives & Restless Souls!

God often invites me to do things through the invitations of other people.  When the first person approached me with the idea of developing a small group guide, I brushed it off thinking no one really wants that.  Then, in the course of a few weeks, I had nine more people suggest this idea to me.   10 people in a few weeks asked me for this!  God had my attention now.

It just so happened that one of the people suggesting this idea was a dear friend and colleague of mine, Lauren Berke.  She led a Lenten women’s book study on Busy Lives & Restless Souls at her parish, Queen of All Saints, in Chicago, IL.  Lauren and I worked together on many projects when I worked for Charis Ministries, and I not only love working with her, but I trust her instincts and ministry wisdom.  So I called her up in early May to ask her if she would be willing to collaborate with me on this project using her insights from facilitating a group.  With the invaluable wisdom from Lauren’s small group facilitation experience, she crafted an overall flow of each session, and together we built out the small group content for each chapter.

It is now available and ready to be shared with you for free!  It is a simple downloadable PDF.  We tried to keep it clean and printer friendly.  Each chapter includes:

  • An opening prayer
  • Suggested scriptures
  • Large group discussion questions
  • Small group discussion questions
  • Suggested Activity
  • Closing Prayer

At the end of the guide, there are resources to go deeper into the theme of the chapter. Be sure to download your copy today!

In light of the release of this guide, I am offering a discount for the books purchased through my website.  Use the coupon code LEADER to get signed copies of the book for $12 each.  I will also include a set of  four prayer cards for each book (The Examen, the Prayer of Consideration, Lectio Divina, and Ignatian Contemplation.)

Finally, it’s been a blast being part of people’s book clubs and ministries using Busy Lives & Restless Souls.  It’s fun to answer questions, hear your stories, and meet people reading my book.  If your group is using my book, please let me know, and if I can Skype your group or call in for one of your meetings, I would love to do so!

I hope this guide deepens your conversations around prayer, and for those working in ministry, I hope this serves as a resource for you and your organization!






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