God With Us in the Word: Week 3

Welcome to the third week of our Advent Series, God with Us in the Word.  Today is Gaudete Sunday or the Sunday of joy.  The pink candle is lit on our advent wreaths this week as a reminder of the  close celebration of Christ’s birth.

As I write this post and as I recorded this week’s reflection, I am reminded of the quote by Teilhard de Chardin that reads, “Joy is the most infallible sign of God’s presence.”  During this third week of Advent, let us notice all the times we experience joy and give God thanks for all the ways God is with us today.

Last week, we prayed with the Responsorial Psalm.  This week, we turn to praying Lectio Divina with the second reading, which is taken from the first letter to the Thessalonians.  This is a beautiful and powerful short scripture passage where we are invited to pray without ceasing and to let the God of peace fully into our lives.

I invite you to listen to the guided Lectio Divina on this scripture or use the steps listed for Lectio Divina to pray with this Sunday’s second reading on your own.

Guided Lectio Divina on 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24:


Click here to listen on SoundCloud.

Review of the Steps of Lectio Divina:

Here’s a brief recap of the steps of Lectio Divina:

  1. Read: Pick any passage in Scripture.  Slowly, thoughtfully, savor the word.  Linger whenever a word or phrase touches your heart.
  2. Reflect: What is God saying to you in this passage?  Offering you?  Asking you?
  3. Respond: Respond to God from your heart.  Speak to God of your feelings and insights.  Offer these to God.
  4. Rest in God: Sit quietly in God’s presence.  Rest in God’s love.

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