Going to My Inner Chapel: Deepening My Relationship with God

June 18, 2020

During our next series, Going to My Inner Chapel, members from my launch team will share how they have used wisdom gained from reading my newest book, “The Inner Chapel”, in their daily lives. Today Carrie Lambert shares with us how she’s used “The Inner Chapel” to deepen her relationship with God. 

Do you want to get to know Jesus? I mean, really get to know Jesus? Becky’s book, The Inner Chapel, is like a roadmap to help us find our way to a deeper, loving, rich relationship with Jesus Christ, God our Father, and the Holy Spirit. This book has been a balm that soothed my soul during the difficult times of the pandemic. When the pandemic first hit, I was waiting on my order of this book to arrive. I kept myself busy with my Youth Ministry, but I knew I needed MORE.

In order to give more, I needed to receive more.

I was so grateful when the book arrived. I immediately sat down and forced myself to put it down each day after reading two chapters so I could savor it – like a wonderful dessert at the end of a good meal. It is so hard to pick out any one chapter that spoke to me over another one, but I will try.

In Chapter 7, Becky writes of one of the last conversations she had with her grandfather, Boppy, who had glioblastoma. Boppy tells Becky that he “can’t imagine life without Jesus,” and asks her to:

“Promise me you will not stop doing what you are doing. Promise me you will continue to spread the Good News to others. Promise me you will tell people what we understand about the gift of a relationship with Jesus.”

This was the hardest chapter for me to read because I lost my father to dementia on July 1, 2019, a dear friend of mine lost her husband to glioblastoma in October of 2019, and I lost my mother-in-law in December of 2018 to glioblastoma. Reading this book, though, has helped me to cope with my loss and grief.

Becky’s book is about many aspects of our lives where we need help in developing a deep and rich prayer life, connecting with God on a deeper level, and discerning who we are and what our next steps in life might be. Another chapter that really struck me was Chapter 8. I read that chapter a couple of weeks into the pandemic and I could not help but be amazed. Every word that Becky writes is dead on with how the world has been feeling – exhausted in every way. We’ve all been too busy to explore the things we were created for and simply “be” with God. The pandemic gave us that time; we all needed to rest. I especially loved when Becky wrote:

“The Good News for us is that we are not completely on our own when it comes to rest…Jesus says, ‘Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest’ (Matt. 11:28-30). . . . Our part is to come to him, and Jesus, who is our still point, is the source of our rest.” 

I decided to spread Becky’s message and – well – “her” to everyone I came into contact with: family, friends, co-workers. I started a book club on The Inner Chapel. Every single person that took my suggestion to connect with Becky through a retreat she offers or through The Inner Chapel cannot stop talking about how it has changed their lives – in the best way imaginable. So, as we slowly emerge from the cocoon of this pandemic, let us remember to find time for ourselves, our families, and our God. I feel ready to re-enter the world with renewed purpose, renewed vigor, and a completely renewed relationship with the Holy Trinity.

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