Going to My Inner Chapel: Sharing the Promises of God with Others

June 8, 2020

During our next series, Going to My Inner Chapel, members from my book launch team will share how they have used wisdom gained from reading my newest book, “The Inner Chapel”, in their daily life. This week Liz Aceves tells us how she is sharing the wisdom she gained with others by starting a study group with a group of friends.

When I was asked to write about my experience reading The Inner Chapel: Embracing the Promises of God, I was hesitant at first and then realized I could not say no. This beautiful book has been an inspiration to me on my spiritual journey. I felt for some time a longing to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. As a little girl, I always prayed to God but not to Jesus. I had no idea how impactful reading The Inner Chapel would be to my prayer life.

After reading chapter 9, We Can Find Shelter and Intimacy, I felt a strong need to share what I was reading with others. I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea to start an Inner Chapel study group. I knew exactly who I wanted to reach out to. The next morning, the first thing that came to mind was that thought about starting the study group. I reached out to Becky and asked her for guidance. She immediately sent me the discussion questions for the book. Well, at that point, there was no turning back. I emailed five girlfriends and they ALL said yes. We are now in our seventh week of our Inner Chapel study group. This has been such an amazing and rewarding experience! We have come together via zoom and been incredibly open about what we are learning as we read the book.

The Inner Chapel is an answered prayer. I prayed for months for God to show me how I could have a deeper relationship with Jesus and here it was. I enjoy the “Let’s Go to the Inner Chapel” section at the end of each chapter . They are each a mini spiritual retreat for me.

In those moments of stillness, I found Jesus. I have been able to face things that I thought I had or was dealing with – fears and doubts – I realized I was only masking them. During my prayer time I was questioning who am I? A mother, wife, teacher, daughter, friend… But who am I REALLY? Then I read the words in Chapter 9, “Who I am in God is who I am.” It stopped me in my tracks. I want to serve and help others. This realization and along with our Inner Chapel study group, I have this longing to do more for others. I do not know exactly what this looks like completely, yet, but I trust in God that he will show me.

In the middle of all the turmoil our country is going through – hurt, anger, suffering, illness – we are not alone. Jesus is there with each one of us. He is holding us, lifting us up. He is putting people or situations in our lives to guide us. We must be willing to be open. The Inner Chapel is a book I did not want to end. It is a book I will go back to throughout my spiritual journey.

Go Deeper?

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Liz Aceves is a passionate Catholic school educator with a decade of experience teaching Spanish. Her love for working with children and teaching them about their faith and language has been a constant source of inspiration. Liz believes that learning a second language is essential in fostering acceptance and understanding among people of different cultures. Her spiritual journey has been enriched by her discovery of Ignatian Spirituality eight years ago, and she has been an active member of the Inner Chapel community for three years. Liz finds joy in facilitating the Friday Inner Chapel Prayer group, surrounded by inspirational women. As a devoted wife and mother of two teenage boys, Liz enjoys reading historical nonfiction and spiritual books, traveling, and hiking.

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