Inviting You Deeper: Cultivating Space for God in the Pandemic

May 17, 2020

During this time of pandemic, our patterns and rhythms of life have changed. Some of us find ourselves with more open time and space filled with silence that we have not practiced. You may hear words from your older children and teens in your house like, “I am bored!” This movement is counter to our normal pace that is full of words, movement, and busyness.

Cultivating more contemplative space is a powerful tool for ourselves and for young people in our lives. How can you use the spaces and silence of this time as a tool during this pandemic?

If you are anything like our family, we sometimes only know how to move at mach speed with a million things to do! We have practiced quick movement through checklists and errands, doing homework between sporting events, and “all hands on deck” chaos. Silence and stillness, though, is an unpracticed mode of living.

Just like the many other things that we teach our  young people, we can make sure that we provide  a good example of contemplation and rest. We can provide  ourselves  with some contemplative practices that allow our bodies to shift down into a slower speed: engage in a daily prayer time, enjoy our  coffee or tea, grow flowers or plants, engage in deep and unhurried conversations that are not rushed, play board games, open up a puzzle. We  are teaching our bodies how to live in this space and at this pace.

We can also teach our young people to cultivate space for silence, for pausing, and for prayer during the pandemic.  We can accompany our  young people in our homes  as she or he learns to do the same. We can encourage our young people to fight the urge to fill every space with digital interfaces. Instead, we can invite them into deep conversations about their dreams, friends, and feelings. When we engage in these conversations, use the feelings wheel that I wrote about two weeks ago.  From my experience, it helps print it out and have it  ready for that moment when your young person approaches you confused about “everything” or anything. Ask them to explain and talk about what feelings this pandemic is stirring in them.

Sometimes we end real conversations too early saying nothing about our real feelings. Try these prompts:

  • Why do you think that you felt that way?
  • What do you think, in this situation, is important for you to do or change?
  • What could happen if anything was possible?
  • What’s the dream you are afraid to say aloud?

In speaking to young people, it is important that we encourage their own thoughts and processing without taking their ideas personally. I try to take my own plans, aspirations, dreams, and even self-concern and move it to the side to allow the young person room to explore his thoughts or ideas.

Young people can also participate in contemplative thought and prayer. Guide them to reflect, journal, and sit with these open spaces with God and their feelings and dreams in dialogue.  One tool I  love to use with young people is the Examen. The Examen gives a framework for reflection, giving young people (and us) a space to see what life is bringing and where God is calling us. I created this extended Examen tool that has proved very effective for young people. As one young person expressed to me when doing the Examen, God is not somewhere else; “God is here.”

May we each invite God into this pandemic space. May we also invite our young people to create space for God in this time as well.  God is here.

Go Deeper? 

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Stephanie Clouatre Davis graduated from Loyola University New Orleans. Stephanie speaks to adults and teens around the nation at parishes, high schools, and dioceses in various venues including retreats and conferences. With humor, joy, and stories, Stephanie not only fully engages her audiences but also inspires them to challenge themselves and build a stronger relationship with God. She lives in Covington, Louisiana with her husband Michael and two girls Emma and Abby.

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