Living into Advent: An Ignatian Path of Prayer

November 27 – December 24, 2022

Do you find yourself looking for more this Advent?

You might be wondering, “How do I make Advent more than just a time of waiting or season of anticipation? How do I make it meaningful and personal?” Maybe you’re wanting a deeper experience in these busy days before Christmas. Maybe you’re in need of a path to follow or desiring to walk with a community. Maybe you’re intrigued by Ignatian Spirituality and are looking for an Ignatian experience.

You are not alone.

We are here to answer the call to go deeper, together.

Living into Advent: An Ignatian Path of Prayer, invites us to embrace the Advent promise of Emmanuel – God with us.   Let us guide you on a path of prayer that strengthens your knowing that God was, is, and will always be with you. 

We are excited to offer three options for your Advent journey:

  • Individual Path of Prayer:  The Living Into Advent Prayer Guide is a printable .pdf workbook that includes resources on Ignatian prayer methods and creating a prayer practice, a weekly prayer guide that includes six scriptures from both the Old and New Testament, questions for further prayer and reflection and a weekly review of prayer offering a chance to gather the week’s graces.
  • Lead Your Own Small Group:
    • Receive the Living Into Advent Prayer Guide and a Leader’s Guide to Facilitate Your Own Weekly Small Group (suggested length one hour).
    • Leader’s Guide Includes:
    • Outline and script for each weekly one hour small group gathering 
    • Prayer Materials for each week
    • One Guided Audio to use with your group each week
    • ***We would appreciate it very much if your small group participants purchased their own prayer guide to help support our growing ministry.   Another option could be to make a donation for the number of copies you print for your participants.  Link to donate can be found here. Every little bit helps us carry our mission forward.
  • Small Group:  Receive the Living Into Advent Prayer Guide to use for your daily prayer and participate in four weekly sessions with a Small Group led by our team
  • Sessions begin the week of November 28th and run through the week of December 19th
  • Pick your small group time to gather  each week:
  • Tuesdays at 7pm-8pm CST
  • Wednesdays at 10am-11am CST

Our Advent Path of Prayer: 

We invite you to pray daily with scripture. Leaning on Ignatian prayer methods, we have created a prayer guide for daily prayer and contemplation that will provide a path for you to lean deeper into your walk with God and experience the season of Advent on a more personal level.  Our journey will start on the first Sunday of Advent, November 27th and run through Christmas Eve, December 24th.   

You have the option of walking this journey on your own or you can join a weekly small group to share the graces of your week’s prayer.    

Throughout the four weeks, we’ll pray for the grace to deepen our belief that God is always with us. Each week, we will also pray for a specific additional grace.   

  • Week 1: To trust that I am fully seen
  • Week 2: To be open to hear God’s Good News 
  • Week 3: To lean into God’s Promises
  • Week 4: To believe I am being transformed by the Light

Our Advent Ignatian path of prayer includes:   

  • Resources on Ignatian prayer methods and creating a prayer practice 
  • A weekly prayer guide that includes six scriptures from both the Old and New Testament  
  • Questions for further prayer and reflection 
  • A weekly review of prayer offering a chance to gather the week’s graces 

NEW! Small Faith Communities 

If you are looking for an intentional community to accompany you through these four weeks of Advent, we are debuting our Going Deeper, Together groups just for you.   

Each person is invited to pray with the daily scripture and questions for reflection that encourage you to contemplate and savor the word of God, rather than study the words or stories. Our weekly small groups are led by Ignatian prayer guides and held via Zoom.  Each week, we will gather to share how God is moving in our prayer, what graces we are experiencing and seeking, and how we’re being called deeper into this Advent season.

Get a sneak peek into Living into Advent below! 

We hope to accompany you through Advent – our offer to you:

  • An Ignatian path of prayer through Advent 
  • A plan to make Advent personal and meaningful, even in the busyness 
  • The knowledge that you are not alone, God is with you  
  • A deeper understanding of the Advent promise of Emmanuel, God with us