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I facilitate contemplative retreats and days of reflection rooted in Ignatian spirituality that invite people deeper in their walk with Christ.

– Becky Eldredge

Offer Rest within the Busyness

Invite people to pause and be still by offering a contemplative retreat experience to your parish, diocese, ministry organization, faculty, retreat house, ministry leaders, or spirituality center.

Take Your Group Deeper

Give people space to pray and to reflect on their own experience with God to make your retreat, days and evenings of reflection, workshop, conference, or silent retreat, a moment to encounter Christ.

Transform Lives

Offer people the opportunity to engage with the 500-year-old practical wisdom of Ignatian Spirituality by helping them learn tools for prayer and discernment to incorporate into their daily lives long after the retreat ends.  


Inviting You Deeper As We Walk with Christ

I partner with ministry organizations to offer contemplative retreats and days of reflection to support you in meeting the spiritual needs of your community.  All of my retreats and days of reflection are rooted in Ignatian spirituality and invite people deeper in their walk with Christ.

In order to plan the right retreat for your organization, I will take time to get to know you, to learn about your community, and to listen to your hopes for the retreat.  Together, we will determine the appropriate theme, length, and format to address the needs you see in your community. 

My approach and style

My retreats include storytelling that illuminates tools and wisdom from Ignatian spirituality, guided prayer experiences and time for personal reflection.  Each retreat offers busy women and men opportunities to pause, to be still, and to encounter God. 

Drawing on my experience as an Ignatian-trained Spiritual Director, I walk with people and invite them deeper in their relationship with God by offering practical tools for prayer and discernment.  Let me bring the hope and encouragement found in a relationship with God to your group.

“While studying “Busy Lives & Restless Souls” in our Journey Together weekly book study, Becky became alive to us through the pages of her book. We felt so comfortable and connected to her that we invited her to lead us in a full day retreat.  Our retreat, “Making Room for God in the Busyness: A Women’s Day of Reflection” was the practical application of Becky’s spiritual depth and breadth in our hunger for  direction.  We have been particularly blessed to have Becky be with us on our faith journey as women of Christ.”

Loretta Reiger

Holy Trinity Women's Ministry, Ladera Ranch, CA

“A mother, wife, friend, and spiritual director, Becky offers a unique perspective through her lived experience that allows her to reach countless audiences. She weaves Ignatian spirituality into all her work. She is truly a gift to our Church.” 
Fr. Michael J. Alello

Pastor, St. Thomas More Church (Baton Rouge, LA)



Anchoring Our Hope in the Promises of God

The Gift of the Inner Chapel

Making Hope Real

Making Room for God in the Busyness



Praying Our Lives: The Examen

Seeing God’s Vision in the Busyness

Quenching Other’s Thirst

Exploring Ignatius

Unshakable Foundation: Building our Lives on the Promises of God

Upcoming Retreats & Speaking




January 12-13, 2024:  Go! Gulf Coast Conference

January 19-20, 2024:  Marian Servants of the Eucharist Retreat 

February 15-17, 2024:  RECongress Workshop 

March 2, 2024: Brothers of the Sacred Heart Day of Reflection

March 16-18, 2024: Retreats and Talks at St. Patrick’s Scottsdale, AZ 

April 13, 2024:  Marriage Retreat at St. Jude, Baton Rouge, LA

April 26-28, 2024: Diocese of Alexandria (LA) Women’s Silent Retreat

May 19, 2024:  St. Margaret Parish, Theology in a Bottle

August 1, 2024:  Teacher’s Retreat, Cathedral Natchez, MS

August 8, 2024:  Residents in Ministry, Kentucky Methodist Province

August 16-18, 2024:  Diocese of Orlando San Pedro Spirituality Center Retreat 

August 22-26, 2024:  Women’s Silent Ignatian Retreat for Ignatian Ministries

August 27, 2024:  Webinar for Loyola Press


January 31-February 2nd:  Preached Ignatian Retreat at Bellarmine Retreat House, Chicago, IL


*** Prior retreats and speaking engagements