What is a Mesa Moment?

Mesa Moment:  Blue Ridge, GA

Mesa Moments is a phrase I coined from watching my dad stop and take “holy pauses” .  When I was younger, my family and I went to Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimmaron, New Mexico.  One of my memories from that trip was of my dad wandering off  to go stare at the Mesa at sunrise and sunset (and probably several other times of day too!).   Dad took a brief moment to stop what he was doing and to enjoy the beauty of the Mesa.

Mesa Moment at Destin, FL at Sunset

Taking a “Mesa Moment” is part of my Dad’s life.  For 29 years, I have watched my Dad stop and take in the beauty of his surroundings– whether this be in his own yard, in my back yard, at the beach, at my grandparent’s farm, on a cruise ship, at sunrise, sunset, at night, etc.  When Dad comes back from his walks or moments of staring, he tends to come back with a calmness about him.  He also often comes back with  something new he has gathered- a bird’s nest on the ground, a constellation that is visible, a flower that is blooming, the perfect spot for Brady to dig dirt in our back yard.  Other times, he comes back with a new question to ask or with a new insight to share about life.

Mesa Moment:  Sunrise in Georgia


I must be honest- there have been many days we have laughed at Dad for his wandering and staring off into space (Love you, Dad!).  However, the older I get, the more I have come to appreciate my Dad’s “Mesa Moments”.  There is something to stopping and taking in all that is around you.  There is something to being present in the moment.  There is something to staring in awe at God’s creation and beauty.

When I stop take a “holy pause” and listen to my Dad’s advice and have a “Mesa Moment”, I come back centered and calm with a deep appreciate of the beauty and joy God surrounds us with.  I am often reminded of how much God loves me, and I often, like Dad, gain some new insight or notice something new.Mesa Moment:  Sunflower in my Backyard